Benefits of Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are modern treatments that quickly cut or vaporize tissue. We use soft-tissue dental lasers to treat tongue-tie, lip-tie, and gum disease. Laser dentistry can provide comfortable, efficient treatment for our patients.

In addition, lasers can offer a more enjoyable experience than traditional dental surgical tools. Learn more about laser dentistry as we review some of the most common benefits of dental lasers in our Cadillac, MI, office.

Benefits of Dental Lasers in Cadillac, Michigan

Benefits of Dental Lasers in Cadillac, MI

Dental lasers are an intuitive technology that helps patients receive care without any pain or discomfort from traditional treatment methods. There are multiple common advantages of treatment with dental lasers, including: 

Targeted Treatment

Dental lasers offer precise care. Because dental lasers are handheld, we have more control over the device. The laser also uses a narrow beam of light to target specific areas of the smile.

When we use dental lasers, we pinpoint the treated area without disturbing surrounding bone or gum tissue. This way, we don’t remove perfectly healthy tissue, only diseased or problem tissue. 

Quick Healing

Lasers promote faster healing times because they seal treated areas. This also means that dental lasers minimize post-surgical bleeding. We also don’t need sutures if we use dental lasers during treatment. 

More invasive procedures could take more time to heal. Dental lasers also promote tissue regeneration because of how they stimulate collagen. Collagen helps repair injuries and replace old tissue.

Painless Care

Often, patients do not require localized anesthesia for treatment using dental lasers. Lasers also do not vibrate like other dental tools like drills. However, large vibrations can lead to increased sensitivity during treatment.

Dental scalpels and other surgical tools typically require sedation or anesthesia because they cause patients pain. Lasers do not create friction, so they do not create pain. This frictionless treatment means we do not need to numb any treated areas of the smile.

Anxiety Relief

Patients who fear the dentist or have dental anxiety benefit from dental lasers. Especially if patients fear loud noises,  surgical, dental tools, or pain during treatment.

Dental lasers do not make loud noises, unlike dental drills. Lasers also do not use instruments that appear sharp or daunting, which can contribute to dental anxiety.

Unlike other dental tools, lasers do not require sedation to perform the treatment. Patients who are wary of post-treatment bleeding also benefit from lasers because they seal surgical sites with minimal bleeding.

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