Laser Dentistry Cadillac, MI

Do you need gum treatment but are worried about pain during your procedure? Laser dentistry offers a comfortable alternative to traditional surgery by using light and heat to cut and remove tissue.

Our dental office uses handheld soft-tissue dental lasers that contour the gum tissue, remove bacteria, and address tongue-tie and lip-tie.

Dental lasers can target and vaporize tissue in the mouth, preventing oral health problems like gum disease, poor oral hygiene, and difficulty speaking and eating.

We use dental lasers for many of the general dentistry services we provide to our patients.  Our laser dentistry treatments in Cadillac, MI, provide comfortable, convenient care for our patients. 

Laser Dentistry in Cadillac, Michigan

Benefits of Dental Lasers

Patients benefit from laser dentistry treatments. Dental lasers offer:

  • Faster treatment and healing times
  • Less chance of infection 
  • Precise treatment that targets treated areas
  • Lessened post-surgical bleeding

If you require treatment for gum disease, tongue-tie, or lip-tie, we will recommend lasers over traditional surgery. Dental lasers are a comfortable alternative that offers precise care.

Laser Dentistry Treatments in Cadillac, MI

Hard tissue lasers treat the teeth, tooth roots, and jaw bone. Alternatively, a soft tissue laser treats the gums. Our office uses soft tissue dental lasers to treat the gum tissue. Soft tissue treatments can include: 


Patients with tongue-tie or lip-tie benefit from frenectomies. Tongue-tie occurs when there is a band of tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

Patients with lip-tie have a piece of tissue behind their upper lip that restricts lip movement. 

Restricted tongue and lip movement can lead to speaking and nutrition problems. Babies with tongue or lip-tie can also have trouble breastfeeding.

A simple laser procedure cuts the band of tissue and frees the lips or tongue. 


A gingivectomy, also known as a crown lengthening procedure, removes infected gum tissue and contours the gums for a natural look. Gingivectomies lengthen the crown of the tooth and remove gum tissue for patients who already have gum disease.

Patients with gum disease can experience deep gum pockets created when the gums separate from the teeth. Before the gum disease affects the bone tissue, we will remove the infected tissue with a gingivectomy. 

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