Teeth Bonding Cadillac, MI

Have you just chipped or cracked a tooth? Prevent further damage to your smile with dental bonding treatment.

Bonding uses malleable, tooth-colored composite to cover tooth cracks, wear, chips, gaps, or discoloration. With cosmetic dental bonding, patients can repair their smiles and prevent further tooth damage.

Bonding treatment uses tooth-colored, malleable composite resin that provides improved durability and aesthetics.  Dr. Sheryl Jenicke provides custom teeth bonding treatment in her Cadillac, MI, dental office.

She ensures that patients who visit Brilliant Smiles Family Dentistry receive bonded teeth that match their natural smiles and create a seamless look.

We also provide additional cosmetic dentistry services to our new and existing patients.

Tooh Bonding in Cadillac, Michigan

Teeth Bonding Treatment in Cadillac, MI

To begin dental bonding treatment, Dr. Jenicke will use a shade guide to match the bonding material or composite to the patient’s desired shade.

Dr. Jenicke may prepare teeth for bonding treatment by roughening up the tooth surfaces, especially if patients require reshaping or if tooth damage is close to the nerve.

She will clean and place a conditioning liquid on the teeth to ensure the bonding material sticks to the tooth’s surface. After preparation, Dr. Jenicke applies the bonding material and molds it into the proper shape. Then, she uses UV light to cure and harden the bonding material.

After tooth bonding treatment, patients should avoid foods or drinks that easily stain, including berries, tomatoes, coffee, tea, or wine. We also recommend avoiding hard or crunchy foods because they can cause pain and increase sensitivity. 

Patients can brush their bonded teeth just like natural teeth. However, we recommend that patients avoid toothpaste that contains abrasive particles, typically whitening toothpaste, that can damage bonded teeth.

Additionally, patients can still floss between bonded teeth, as bacteria can still build up on or between these teeth.

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