Custom Mouthguard Cadillac, MI

Do you or your child need a new sports mouthguard? Wearing a sports mouthguard can prevent injuries to the teeth, lips, cheek, and tongue during contact sports. Contact sports that involve any contact between players, including football, hockey, and lacrosse, require players to wear athletic mouthguards. At Brilliant Smiles Family Dentistry, Dr. Sheryl Jenicke can create a custom sports mouthguard in her Cadillac, MI, dental office. She ensures each mouthguard fits each patient for the right fit.

We always recommend a custom, professionally-made mouthguard to prevent future dental problems and ensure comfort. In addition to mouthguards, we provide comprehensive general dentistry services to our patients in Cadillac, MI. 

Custom Sports Mouthguard in Cadillac, Michigan

How Do Professional Mouthguards Compare?

Stock mouthguards are inexpensive and come pre-formed and ready to wear. However, they can be bulky and can make breathing and talking difficult. Often, you can’t communicate with teammates or take a quick drink of water without taking the mouthguard out.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards purchased at sporting goods stores may provide a better fit than stock mouthguards. These mouthguards must be softened in boiling water and fit on the teeth. However, over-the-counter mouthguards are designed to fit the largest swath of the population possible. You’ll rarely get a perfect fit from a boil-and-bite mouthguard.

Professionally made mouthguards provide a customized fit. Wearing a custom sports mouthguard can prevent tooth loss, chips, or cracks in the enamel and protect braces.

If loose mouthguards don’t fit properly, patients can clench their teeth and jaw to keep them in place. Prolonged clenching of teeth can cause TMJ disorders. The tension strains the muscles, and the jaw joint breaks down. You may experience popping and clicking, pain throughout the head and face, and an inability to move the jaw in certain ways. These issues become more prominent the longer the condition goes untreated.

Sports Mouthguards Vs. Nightguards

Custom sports mouthguards protect teeth against hits and trauma, and nightguards prevent teeth from grinding together when you’re sleeping. If you have one type of guard, it’s tempting to try to use it for both needs. However, you mustn’t use your guard for anything but its express purpose.

Sports mouthguards are lightweight and made of a bulkier material. It absorbs shock from any hits you take to the face and mouth while playing sports. If you tried to use this to protect your teeth against grinding, your teeth would shortly break through the guard, damaging both the guard and your teeth.

Nightguards, conversely, are made of thinner, harder material that stops the upper and lower teeth from grinding together. This type of guard wouldn’t provide much protection if used for sports. It can’t absorb shocks and won’t do much more than playing sports without a mouthguard.

Custom Mouthguards in Cadillac, MI

Instead of messy, traditional dental impressions, Dr. Jenicke uses digital scans to create custom mouthguards. She sends these scans to dental labs, which create the mouthguard out of flexible but durable plastic. Once Dr. Jenicke receives the mouthguard, you will return to our office. She will fit the mouthguard over your upper teeth. 

Caring for Your Mouthguard

If you want your mouthguard to protect your smile, you must care for it properly. Each time you take the guard out, rinse it with warm water. Never use hot water, as this can warp the material. This washes away any saliva and debris that built up while you were wearing the guard.

Each day, clean your mouthguard thoroughly. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, non-abrasive toothpaste, or mild soap to gently scrub the guard. It eliminates odor-causing bacteria and gets rid of any debris. At least once a week, sterilize your mouthguard with a deep clean. Use a non-alcoholic mouthwash or specialized mouthguard cleaner to soak your mouthguard. This prevents any lingering bacteria from building up on the guard.

When you clean it, leave the guard out in open air to dry. It needs good ventilation to prevent bacteria from building up on it. Bacteria multiply best in a warm, wet environment. A ventilated carrying case is essential, too. A designated case keeps the guard safe whenever you’re not wearing your mouthguard. Never store it in direct sunlight or an area exposed to much heat.

Examine your guard regularly for signs of wear or damage. You know your mouthguard best and can notice any issues. A change in fit may also indicate that there’s a problem with your guard. Don’t wear the mouthguard until you bring it to us for an examination to ensure your teeth are protected properly.

Can Mouthguards Can Prevent Emergencies?

A dental emergency is a sudden dental problem that requires immediate dental care. Common dental emergencies include dental injuries and knocked-out teeth. A custom-made mouthguard can prevent these emergencies. Mouthguards reduce the impact of hits to the mouth and face.

Protect Your Smile

Do you need a custom mouthguard to wear during sports? Call Brilliant Smiles Family Dentistry 231-389-6388. You can also schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Jenicke on our website.