Dentures & Partials Cadillac, MI

When you think of dentures, you may think of uncomfortable restorations that look unnatural. However, there are modern alternatives to these cumbersome dentures.

We can create fixed, durable dentures or work with oral surgeons for implant-secured dentures.

Dental implants are titanium posts that fuse with the jaw bone to create a stable foundation for dental restorations, including dentures.

Implant-supported dentures feel and function naturally.

We offer partial and full dentures in Cadillac, MI. Partial dentures replace rows of missing teeth in different areas of the mouth.

Complete or full dentures restore full arches of missing teeth.

Dentures in Cadillac, Michigan

Removable vs. Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional removable dentures consist of false teeth on a gum-colored base. Dentures require adhesives to stay in place. There are many benefits to a properly fitted denture. Some examples include an improved ability to bite and chew, clearer speech, and improved facial features.

Dental implants can also ensure that dentures are fixed in place. With implants, patients do not require adhesives but also benefit from improved aesthetics. Dental implant posts secure dentures and help patients eat foods that they could not eat with missing teeth.

We create dentures using acrylic resins and porcelain to give the patient a natural appearance. Acrylic resin is strong and wears well. Porcelain, which strongly resembles the appearance of natural tooth enamel, is used mainly on the upper teeth as they are more visible. 

Dentures in Cadillac, MI

We take x-rays of the mouth before denture treatment so we can see where we need to replace missing teeth and if there is healthy bone tissue in the mouth.

Our team also takes intraoral scans to customize dentures. Each set of dentures, whether partial or complete, is meant to match the patient’s desired shape or shade for their smile. We also ensure that the final dentures feel as comfortable as possible.

Alternatively, we will recommend implant-secured dentures. If patients do not have sufficient jaw bone to support dental implants, we will refer them to an oral surgeon for bone grafting services. Bone grafting adds healthy bone tissue where it is needed.

Once we ensure patients are in good oral health and have enough bone to support implants, we will refer them to an oral surgeon.

We also work with oral surgeons to place dental implants for crowns, bridges, and dentures. After the implants fully heal and fuse with the jaw bone, we will take scans of the mouth to create custom dentures.

Denture Care

It is important for patients who wear dentures to be diligent with their oral care. Daily brushing is necessary to remove food particles and debris.

Regular checkups with the dentist are equally important as the dentist will clean the dentures to remove any plaque in order to prevent any gum disease.

These regular checkups will also allow the dentist to make any adjustments to the denture, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Cleaning Dentures

Fill the sink with water and place a washcloth at the bottom of the sink. Brush the denture over the filled sink. This way, should the denture fall, it will land in the water and not crack.

Make sure to use cool or room-temperature water. Hot water may cause the false teeth or acrylic to warp.

Gently hold the denture and use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Dentures should be brushed with either soap and water or a mild abrasive toothpaste.

To avoid scratching or breaking the denture, do not use abrasive toothpaste or hard-bristled toothbrushes.

Once the denture has been brushed clean, soak them overnight in a denture cleanser. These cleansers will remove debris in hard-to-reach places and remove odor-causing bacteria.

Restore Missing Teeth

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