Myths About Dental Care

Is flossing really that important? Do you need to visit the dentist every year? Many patients have common misconceptions that may harm their oral health.

Neglecting oral health care at home and in the office can worsen dental problems over time. We are your local dentist in Cadillac, MI. If you have any questions about your dental care, please ask, and we will clarify for you.    

Myths About Dental Care

Debunking Dental Myths With Your Dentist in Cadillac, MI

Some of the most common misconceptions patients have about their oral health include: 

Flossing Isn’t Important

Many patients skip flossing when they care for their smiles. However, flossing is integral to preventing problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Flossing removes food debris and bacteria that can hide between teeth. It’s best to floss before brushing because it can remove debris and allow active ingredients like fluoride to reach the gums and sides of teeth. 

Brushing Harder Makes Teeth Cleaner

Gently brushing your teeth is enough! If you brush your teeth hard, you can damage your teeth. Aggressive brushing may eventually wear down your outer layer or tooth enamel.

Worn teeth increase the risk of tooth sensitivity and pain and can expose the inside of the tooth to decay-causing bacteria. 

Dentists Are Only For Emergencies

You must schedule a visit soon if you haven’t visited the dentist in years. Dentist visits aren’t solely for when you break a tooth or have severe tooth pain. At routine visits, we provide exams, cleanings, and dental X-rays.

Our team also takes X-rays of your smile to discover dental problems we cannot see with a visual examination.

We also recommend visiting the dentist every six months so we can keep track of your oral health and provide thorough cleanings to keep harmful bacteria in check.

Braces Are Only For Teens

If you didn’t receive braces as a child or want to address problems like orthodontic relapse as an adult, you likely don’t want metal braces. Modern orthodontic treatments like Invisalign offer a more discreet option to straighten teeth effectively.

If you need traditional braces, you can receive ceramic braces, which act exactly like metal braces with colorful elastics but blend in with the smile.

Orthodontic care is best for teenagers and adults because they have all of their permanent teeth. You can still receive braces as an adult. 

Pregnant Women Can’t Visit the Dentist

It’s perfectly safe for pregnant women to visit for routine cleanings and preventative dental care. While it may be more difficult for patients to sit in the dental chair in later trimesters, it is safe.

Women can also develop problems like gingivitis and gum disease due to hormonal changes, so it is important to receive thorough cleanings. 

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